arguments on potato peels

i havent unpacked any of my kitchen stuff yet cause i havent had to use it for three days.
ok thats not true, i used a spoon.
went over to north van for breakfast that consisted of food that isnt made primarily of starch. yay for aunt made banana loafs and scones and eggs and pie and juice!
and then my class today is not big, but its big for a small class cause its structured for like 25 people, but theres about 40 in it.
i get paid tonight at midnight and then i’ll have money and i can go buy beer tomorrow.
smelly and the lazy fucker and i are gonna hang out tomorrow and shaz is coming up to if she isnt dying from being sick which sucks.
im kind of hungry.
i also feel like watching ali g.
im also getting used to the whole not having any posters on the walls thing.


im gonna go make a snack food.

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