theres a couple of congressmen on Larry King Live talking about how the alleged terror plot in london is a good reason that the PATRIOT ACT should be renewed.
so they spend all this time talking about stuff on planes and how liquids can be bombs and your cell phone and lap top can be detonators, and then what happens? a fucking commercial with a dude on a plane with a laptop comes on.
ok you know what, it’s driving me nuts how much the media is pulling this story in one direction.

fucking pay more attention. i had to watch the BBC world news to get a relatively unspun version. props bbc you are the least fucked up media provider.

the plot was to blow up 10 planes in a series of waves, like 3 planes at a time with another wave a few days later. so, think about this. IF three planes had blown up do you really think that there was ANY chance that they would have been able to blow up all the other ones a few days later? probly not.

fuck ok, now CNN is narrating like the news is a goddamn soap opera.

bombs in liquids huh? isnt jet fuel liquid? doesnt it explode? and if the airport in london is in shambles and disarry, how did Anderson Cooper get there so fast? when i was flying home from ottawa one year i bought a bottle of orange juice in the airport at the little store right beside security. i hadnt even taken the plastic off the top. when i went through security they made me open it and drink it to prove it wasnt toxic or poisonous. uh hello? just bought it over there? see the plastic on the top? yeah that means its not open and nothing is wrong with my fucking orange juice. nothing is wrong with that ladies bottle of water, or that dude who has a bottle for his baby. your eyedrops arent nitro. secondly, most of the time when i get on a plane and go through security, my stuff gets swabbed for explosive materials whether its my mp3 player or a bottle of water. this is in a regular canadian airport. im pretty sure that an international airport like heathrow has things like this.

hey do you think G.W. isnt allowed to bring liquids on his plane now? it only seems fair that government leaders lead by example.

ok, and the stock market thing…anyone who can profit from wavering market shares because of this should shoot themselves because theyre fucking sick.

honestly, you could see this coming. 9/11 happens, everyones fucking paranoid about flying for a year. then its back to “OMG DID YOU SEEEEEE BRITTNEY AND KEVIN IN THE MAGAZINE!!!”

yeah thats right, people got lax again in their oversaturated infotainment lives where it’s more important to think about where to get that new shirt than it is to use a public forum of discourse to maybe, just maybe, come up with a new idea about how to find some kind of inherent type of stability in the world.

but no, we dont need to. we just need to go watch World Trade Center and tell ourselves that we remember why the world is being lead around by the US leash again as we stand idly by while we all watch as plots to inavade Iran and make us all think that we’re fucking doomed if we dont accept armed guards on the street and shoot-first-ask-later is accepted as true freedom.

watch how somehow in someway the US will try and give this a link to Iran. all of Al Qeada is in Iran now! let’s go bomb this shit out of them and tell the world that theyre a great threat to global security, and by global security we mean american comfort about islam.


im going to forego watching the news for a while because of the few hours ive watched tonight, it’s only succeeded in pissing me off.

loo loo loo ive got some apples loo loo loo youve got some too!

my mom is flying to montreal tomorrow for a week to take a vacation with my sister. watch her plane be delayed three hours.


oh, and we went to boston pizza for lunch today with the bottle money our crew has made in the last month and i ate a massive fucking plate of spaghetti, like a kilo, but i couldnt finish the meatballs cause they were gross but no one thought id get that far anyway. and then i got super food drunk and everyone said i looked high.

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