i think it’s funny as hell when christians or catholics say that nothing other than beleiving in god will ever be as satisfying.

ok, well, one of their own god squadders just came up with what is possibly the best statement ever.

“Anything we idolize has a diminishing return.”

that’s awesome. why? well…let’s see…could it be because the basis for a religion like christianity and catholicism is the idolization of their god? and dont even try to argue that it’s not idolatry. as much as you want to argue that in the bible it says that idolatry is the worship of something other than god, no, sorry, in the real world where the definition of the word extends to even your beliefs, yes, yes you are idolizing something.


your diminishing return could be pretty much summed up as the continuing disappointment that the second coming will never ever happen. you know what it’s like? its like people who think that a second coming is drawing nigh are like standing in the dessert and they thought they saw something in the distance and refuse to leave and stop watching until they see it again when it was just a mirage and wont ever happen again, and then the rest of us just walk by and are like, yo, theres a hotel up the road, let’s go have a beer, and theyre like “no if i stand here and never pay attention to anything else and call everyone else naysayers then i’ll see it again!” and then the rest of us are like “um…right…im going to have a beer and have a good time. see ya.”

i should bring this up at clubs days this year…go to all of the 8 to 13 different fucking christian student clubs….lets not forget its ONE GODDAMN GOD YOU BELEIVE IN SO WHY ARE THERE 13 FUCKING DIFFERENT CLUBS???…just go to each table and be like “so, this christian dude said that everything we idolize disappoints us in the end. so…like, why would you?”

uuuuuuuugh….can you tell im bored? blitzing the god squad when they arent even around. it’s rainy and wet and it finally cooled down here but the difference between it being rainy and cold here and rainy and cold in vancouver is that here it pretty much sucks your soul out. maybe i should run away to the mountains til school starts and just hermit it up in the mountains…

anyone want to join me?

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