snootch to the motherfuckin nooch!

props to shaz for the pink hatage of everett.

Episode 3 of “Stupid Things I Hear at Work!”:

“he was probly drunk.”

“your job requirement must be to tune out pat.”

“did you just say he was a communist?”

“note to self…when pat’s driving, wear a sports bra…”

“you cant do the splits in Lulu pants if you have no underwear on.”

“tim brought freezies.” “probly cause theyre not doughnuts and his wife didnt want them.”

“i didnt know anyone could fit ‘Fuck” into a sentence more than you.” “hey fuck you.”

“what are you laughing about?” “i dont know.”

“its my 10$ bra.”

“wasnt there a guy on Drew Carrey who had boobs?”

“whatever, you think McDonald’s is evil.”

“youve got other work for those 12 year olds dont you?” “yeah, they can stay the fuck away from my food.”

“isnt that poo girl?”

“how come all the new people on your guys crew are all hot chicks?”

“pretty soon White Chicks will be your favourite movie.”

“i dont give a fuck. i got my sweatpants on and im ready to cut the lawn.”

“no one’s listening to me are you.”

“i want to see it geyser in his face.”

“check out this bug! there were two that flew in and i was all AAAAAHHHHH!”

“guys should leak beer.”

“i got canned on my bike.” “no you didnt, youre a chick.” “fine, i landed on my crotch on the bar on my bike.”

“now all it is is a drunk fest and people trying to take off my bikini.”

“dee quebecers har back wit der bananes hand der water.”

“you on crack would be paranoid. actually, youd be the same but more paranoid.”

“i dont need crack, just caffeine.”

“she walked out with a cuccumber and came back with a pickle.” “you make no sense.”


so that asshole dog guy phoned the complaint line and our foreman asked about it and we told him we didnt do anything and it was fine so we roasted outside today doing pretty much fuck all.

im going to see Clerks 2 in two hours.

im going to Canmore for three days tomorrow so i dont know if they have internet in the hotel or what but im not sure i’ll be around for a few days but whatever. more pictures for when i get back.

snoogans yo.

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