ther’d be no truck drah-vers if it wuzn’t fer us trucks

so i pretty much botched the whole ‘put sunscreen on to prevent a nasty burn’ thing and now my neck is hurting.

i cleaned my room last night. i can see the floor for once. it’s amazing.

i are going to the paintballing tonight. i are have never paintball beened to before.

i need to get my hands on a USB recording interface for my guitar cause i have all these cool riffs ive come up with that i cant record how i normally do cause when i hit the distortion the signal gets uber fucked and sounds like ass. which is annoying me because these are good tunes and they need not be sullied by shitty recording.

i think my bank and my student account are having issues cause one is saying something and the other something totally different and neither knows what the fuck the other one is saying so who knows what the hell is going on for real.

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