so just out of curiousity i checked out craigslist and ebay for tool tickets to see how much theyre going for two months before the concert.
the highest price on ebay was almost $1000.
i think it’s pretty funny too how when you check some of them they’re like “VERY FIRST ROW SEATS ON THE FLOOR!! CLOSEST SEATS TO THE STAGE ON THE FLOOR!”
thats funny cause i was under the impression that there werent seats on the floor. which is why i always get floor tickets. because you can get as close to the stage as you want.
but then some stupidly excited dipshit with too much money to spend will see that and think “holy shit!!! front row!!!”
and then when he gets there and wonders why theres a huge fucking pile of people already sitting in front of the stage i hope he feels really stupid.
these ticket scamming sites and shit are starting to piss me right the fuck off. seriously, one guy on craigslist had 8 tickets that werent even that good and he was selling a pair for like $500.
on ebay most of the listings are from ticket scalper sites. how fucking stupid is that? an ozzy concert in edmonton will sell out in less than three minutes. mostly because these fuckheads at these ticket scalper sites buy up all the good seats and then mark up the prices like 300%. if i want a single tifket to the slayer concert next week id have to dish out like $160. fuck that! tickets to that cost 39$!! SOAD tix are going for 250$! EAT ME YOU SACK OF SHIT SCALPING MOTHER FUCKERS WHO WONT EVEN GO TO THE FUCKING CONCERTS BECAUSE ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS SCAMMING THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY WANT TO FUCKING GO BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY LIKE THE BAND!!!
watch like the day before the concert i bet the prices fucking skyrocket.
total. utter. bullshit.
scalpers should be fucking tasered and then locked to the side of the venue in chains so people can throw shit at them.

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