see the world inside out

lax day.
had slurpees.
took pictures.
ordered pizza.
funny shape.
got money.
saw julia.
came home.
ate pizza.
watched movie.
burt and ernie.
im not orange.
swedish chef.
seven doughnuts.
who’s snuffalufagus?
explode slurpee.
ellert’s snuffalufagus.
call ally.
take shower.
very dirty.
ally phones.
something later.
no particular order.
who in their right mind put ketchup on potato chips? honestly. that’s wrong.
farmers tan.
kyle came.
shoveled dirt.
golf carts.
fall out?
you’re going to cause an accident.
who me?
it’s just dusty is all.
that isnt what the swedish chef sounds like.
because mike’s tall.
it’s SPAC.
they’ll kick ass at high jump because god will lift them higher.

now play word jumble and make up a story with all those.

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