the first cut is the deepest

holy fuck what a boring tiring shitty goddamn long ass day.
rained. rained more. fucking took WHMIS training…again…
watched more safety videos…which ive seen for three years in a row.
tired as hell…”go put those field hockey nets together”…they dont have the right instructions or same pieces…
“go edge a little patch of grass at broadmoor lake park.” …it isn’t little…and it’s soaked…and muddy, and the one side we did looks like shit cause it’s wet and soaked and shitty out.

i wanted to go somewhere to watch the game tonight, but im tired and might crash after the game and everyone else is already busy.

couch and i get to be friends again. bright side, my mom isnt going to be home for the game so there isnt going to be any running commentary that annoys the fuck out of me.

im gonna go see X3 tomorrow. cause it’ll be rainy and wet out which means no going down to the red deer river valley to go prospecting. but i did get my schedule for the rest of the summer and i have like 4 three day weekends so im happy about that.
i want someone to come visit me so that i can have a not so boring weekend this weekend. or for someone here to not be busy or something.

i went for a bike ride last night for like an hour and a half. im glad we didnt have to do any real work today because i would have sucke at it im so friggin dead tired. seriously, going up and down stairs im like “oooooh legs….why are you mad at me?”
i want to sleep, but i have to watch the hockey game or i’ll not be hapy with myself.

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