puddles and paints

holy intense third period batman! not to mention holy shitload of penalty minutes in the first batman! one more win and edmonton clinches the West and heads off to clinch the Cup.

i managed to get a case of Foot-In-Mouthage last night with another oilers nut. but in the end everyone was happily ever after. or amused about having nerdily talked about politics and hockey. i kind of miss getting into random political discussions.

i got to remember all about certain Foreign Affair ministers who i got nice and drunk with and see hungover the next morning. and certain current liberal leadership contenders who admitted in a drunken stupor that had he met joanna ten years ago she could have changed his life. or certain ndp members with large bar tabs supplying minors with plenty of booze.


it pissed rain this afternoon at work. it made puddles. i jumped in several of them. i got water up my shirt, and in my boots and all over other people. it’s supposed to be rainy and crappy the rest of the week. which im sure wont deter the happy revelers on whyte ave a bit.

canada post is being stupid again. i guess i was supposed to get a nifty little mail thing from danielle last week and it hasnt shown up yet. GIVE ME MY MAIL YOU STUPID POSTAL PEOPLE!!!

i have two ideas i want to develop for a masters thesis. but im hesitant to tell people because im a bit paranoid that someone is going to read/hear it and then go “gee thats a good idea i’m gonna beat you to it.” and then i’d be pissed off. and i know they’re good ideas cause my promotional culture prof this past semester said that she didnt think anyone had ever thought about researching them. SO IM NOT TELLING BUT THEYRE GOOD IDEAS!!!

ok, im gonna go eat some cake and watch comedy now with Pete something who i saw the last ten minutes of last week and now the whole show is on.

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