i filled the log! and i found my nuts!

i sunburned my nose a bit at work this week.
not badly, but enough so that it’s constantly itchy.
like 24/7 constant feels-like-i-need-to-scratch-my-nose-or-blow-it-or-something and it gets annoying.
so, day 1 of the three day weekend was pretty much a gongshow.
pretty much stayed in my room and watched all the current season 6 episodes of Trailer Park Boys. went for vietnamese food with the rents…which actually this time i didnt enjoy all that much. every time we go for asian food my parents order the same goddamn things. i could tell you what they’re gonna order even before we get out the damn door. and everytime they ask me to pick something different they veto it and go with whatever they always eat.
went to see Over the Hedge with julia and tara and julia’s friend melissa.
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!
and now im sitting back in my room.
it’s raining out.
there are large puddles in the roads.
i generally enjoy sitting outside in the rain, but it’s cold out.
it’s fun to sit out in it when it’s warm and watch all the people run around in crazy circles trying to find some way to avoid it.
it’s water.
i should have planned out this weekend better. it’s pretty fucking boring here if you don’t have anything to do.
ive never really been the kind of person who on weekends would go “WOOO LET’S GET DRUNK!!!” but i think that might be in order pretty quick here. only, i really have no idea whatsoever of the pub/club/bar scene in edmonton. none. i know that there’s a place on whyte ave that’s pretty much an exact replica of The Cabin in ottawa, but everything is on the opposite wall…i kind of remember where the King’s Knight pub is…but really…not two places id pick to go spend an evening drinking. probly there’s some good places on whyte. or there’s always a bush party.
i’ve never busted out Really Drunk Pat at home before. tomorrow is 80s night at Barrymore’s. its a 5 hour flight away. totally worth it. i was driving back from dropping alana off at the rez at the uof a last week and on my way back i hit a red light next to a cab with three drunk chicks in it who rolled the windows down and started oogling at me.
a) i have nothing wrong with three drunk chicks in a cab oogling and winking at me.
b) ive also never been a person who’s engaged much in a nightlife on a regular basis so stuff like this still catches me off guard. so…roll down window and give hopefully not too awkward smile… light changes….ok gone.
some of my friends have absolutely no trouble talking to girls at clubs or bars or whatever. i think i can count the number ive talked to on…like…four fingers….in four years.
i have no idea where this is going. yay for rants i guess.
i priced out a pair of gucci sunglasses the other day. then i priced out a game 3 ticket. then i priced out a PRS SE Singlecut. the prs won out.
i also have a bag of Spitz in my room. this is proving to be far more puzzling than it ought to be simply because i have no empty vessel to spit them in to.
might as well blow some shit up GTA 3 style.

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