clutch it like a corner stone

boys night at home tonight. who needs hotdogs and fries when you’ve got fresh lobster tails?
we gots style in our guys night biatches.
second day of work. we actually did stuff today. in as much as moving pieces of portable fence around is something…and mix paint in big buckets. at least it’s nice out. it’s supposed to be like 20 tomorrow. all that’s missing is…um…mountains….the ocean…and…a coast line.
it’ll get busier at work this week though cause the Parks & Rec big heads are telling us we needs all this shit done for monday that we can’t really do unless we pull OT tomorrow and friday.
if there’s OT on friday someone’s fucking bringing me a portable TV so i can sit on the fucking line painter and watch the hockey game.
i have yet to hear the new tool single. im getting antsy.
this weekend i think im going to go help iris look for a new place. gotta be pretty critical aboot it, can’t get just any old place or tucker won’t like it. ninja cats need special lairs to practice in.
ok, im going to go sit on the front step in the sun where it’s warm now and eat a big chocolate smartie egg.

7 Thoughts.

  1. We heard new Tool today, it’s fairly overhyped and my poor pretty Maynard sounds like he has a cold.

    Also you’re weird for doubleposting that pic of your bbq. Or maybe the sun fried your brain…

  2. 4. thats not a picture
    6. You already posted that picture
    8. Thats also not a picture

    other than that… yeah.. lobsters in alberta?

  3. I take that back, Everett’s speakers just suck, the song sounds awesome in my little cave.

  4. … my speakers a top of the line thx certified.
    i just chose not to pump up the volume as they say.

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