what’s that smell?

so, it rained last night but it was warm. which was good cause shaz and everett and mike and erin and me ended up standing in the broken busstop for like 20 minutes waiting for a bus to take us to the bottom of the mountain.
so by the time we got to the shadow we were pretty much like the rats that are of the drowned nature lol.
smelly and her friend dario were there waiting for us and there was nooooooooo place to sit and since none of us know the trick of floating in midair we decided to go somewhere else.
so we went to the shark club.
it was neat. lots of tv’s.
i’ve seen it from the skytrain a lot and always wondered what it was like inside.
it’s big that’s what.
and i thought calgary would win, but then they lost but that’s ok cause edmonton is still in 7th.
and i totally impressed smelly and dario with my one phrase in italian that i know. oh yes i did!
twas good times. they are cool peoples, and i hope they randomly decide to take a road trip to edmonton over the summer. because that would be neat.
so then us rezzies were on our way back here and ran into karry and kailin. and we were just getting off the skytrain and we’re like “where are you going?”
“the casino”
“we’re coming”
so step back 4 feet and we go to the casino and i lost 20 on slots but i mean that’s pretty much to be expected.
and then there was exploding coke bottles on the way home.
and then zim.
and when my brain actually woke me up at 11:30 and went “oh fuck! i wanted to get up an hour ago you lazy bastard!” i was like “unnnnnnnh.”
and then it totally hit me how much shit i have to do in the next four days.
am going to die.
or at least be a zombie.
like, there is no question that i will probably average less than three hours of sleep a night for the next four days simply because of how much stuff i have to do.
ok, now im going to grab some food that’s transportable and go to north van, sit on a couch and read more fucking kinesiology that i fucking hate and want it to die.
id rather not, and have more fun like last night.

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  1. listen man… I don’t like you, and you don’t like me, so let’s just agree to disagree, and I’m gonna go do some more 6am laundry.

    Um. Yeah… I’ve kinda been up all night doing term papers, so I’m way past incoherent. In fact, I can see through time.

    Wow. I can’t wait to read my paper tomorrow. Should be entertaining… I’m thinking it’ll probably end with “And she was still screaming when she died.” for absolutely no reason…

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