look he has a tail!

two things:
1. this post SHOULD be called “oh sweet irony”
2. im going to keep my mouth shut about this. though no one ate shit. me…slightly disappointed, not gonna lie.

so i’ve pretty much accomplish fuck all today. which is, you know, a lot less than the more than fuck all i had planned on doing.
ive got a week til my Kids Culture reading journal is due, so im not making a big deal of going “oh SHIT!” this even though i have to write up like a page each for 19 readings that are an average of like 20 pages each…hour a reading…20 hours….4 red bulls….shit i’ll have it done by saturday night lol. whatev, it’ll be done by tuesday.
then i’ll only have one essay left to do. and two videos. and one final. but no reading journal. and i handed in my beast of a kinesiology assignment today. fucker needed a heavy duty stapler.
ok, this is leading to procrastination.
therefore, i will stop now.
and do my work.
like a good student.
a model student.
a student…
ah who the fuck am i kidding lol.
i’ll maybe get two done tonight.



4 Thoughts.

  1. Yeah he won’t listen to that EJ. It’s been months and he still refuses to take down that pic of me that I hate.

    Weird, look at me be the only one to capitalize her sentences.

    I heart grammar.

  2. just before spring break i said to myself “ok nate, on tuesday we’ll start our psych paper, and then read our sociology research book.” its friday and iv done nothing at all… i have like 200 pages of sociology to read. But i dont think i will becuase they never test on the reading, just the notes and handouts.

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