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apparently the germs that launched an invasion the other day regrouped over night. i think they took advantage of my brain being too preoccupied with studying for three classes for at least 12 hours a day for the last like five in a row to pay attention to them. well, i know how to fix that! ok…well…first i had to get up early this morning and go to the library to meet the spanish lady from my sociology class that no one likes cause i got paired up with her for a presentation and i thought i was doing it alone.
i took me two and half fucking houres to read both the articles for today cause its the only time this week we could talk about them and she had only read the easy one. BAH!
and THEN while we discussing them in the library she was trying to apply a Fordist approach to the article. WHAT? Fordist? this is not a reading about a fucking factory, its about the formulation of knowledge as an epistomology. tell me how exactly you apply a Fordist approach, which in itself is a model of knowledge, to a new theory of the PROCESS of FORMULATION of knowledge??? YOU CANT! you can apply it to an example, not to a theory. bah.
and then she’s all concerned about how to write up the presentation. so i tell her we should do it like the other groups and use hand outs and i’ll do the Barth article cause she didnt read it and then i said what i was going to write on it and she says “ok, but how are we going to write it up”

schmeh! SCHMEH says i!

so k, then i come home and i figure i’ll not study for a while. so ive napped so far. i think i’ll go to the dining hall and get some snacks now and come back and watch some Bam and Clerks and then get back to working later tonight. i study better at night and early early early in the morning. it is neither right now. plus, if i go to the dining hall i can check my mail to see if i got a letter saying “Yes Pat you can be a Team Leader for Rez Orientation.”

the snow outside is almost all gone. i feel compelled to go put some in a bucket and save it. im sure we’ve got a little bit of room in the freezer…

current mood: “Eight Times over Miss October” by Clutch

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  1. Maybe if you stopped headbanging to the Dixie Chicks, the FSM would stop making you sick as a punishment.

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