im gonna sing the doom song now!

ive spent more time in the last two days looking at final cut pro than in the last four years. our vid kid club for my Children, Culture, and Media class are totally a little group now. today we had a snow fight and threw lots of snow only at amanda.
and we thought that we were finished our project cause our prof asked us to have it done for today. so. we spent 12 hours finishing it yesterday. and today we showed it to him and a ‘distinguised professor of marketing history’ from Penn State. and after he said he really liked it he said “you found three themes, but you should add more. can you have it done by next week?” to which we groaned inwardly, but whatev. he told me he wanted me to write up the course description for the course calendar cause when he asked us how what we throught about the class i said “it’s super intense but really fun.” intense mostly for the fact that i’d just spent 12 hours in front of a screen editing.
todays class was on marketing for girls, and we watched a cbc documentary about the Spice Girls and i sang along. that’s right. i sang along to Spice Girls. i knew allllllllllllll the words.
so then after class everett, mike, and i went to safeway cause i said so. and to hmv cause shaz got me a gift cert fot there for my birthday.
and wouldnt ya know it, the invader zim box set was there. and wouldnt ya know it, it only cost 50$. and wouldnt ya know it, once i opened it i discovered there was only one dvd in it…and it was only the extra features dvd. and THEN i saw the sticker on the bottom that said there was only one dvd in the box and that the one dvd in the box was the extra features dvd. so i pulled the sticker off and took it back. it took the manager and another guy a lot of “um…uh…hmmm…” ing and flipping over of the box many times and look very confused to tell me that they had to give me a full refund on a gift card.
it was worth it making them look stupid.
i think i might be catching whatever stupid germ kailin and sasha have.

current mood: “Wannabe” by Spice Girls

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  1. No way man! I do WalkSafe too!

    …except that no one uses it in Newf. We had like 2 walks last year. Seriously.

    But we do get to sit around for several hours and do stupid things — which, though not as fun as helping my fellow man, is A-OK by me.

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