knock it off moon! i’m comin up there!

principal scudworth is cool, i want him to be my kooky friend.
hokay so. man, those jeans i bought yesterday? sooooooooooooo awesome looking.
i heart buffalo.
i also heart morning visitors even though i have to get up at like 7:30am to unlock the door. but thats ok.
i tried that weird caffeine drink i got last week finally. i had about half of it in my soc class and it worked pretty good. but then i left early cause it was a pointless class.
tomorrow im gonna go to value village and find stuff for the secret agent pub night that i will once again remind you is next friday at the SFU Higland Pub and you should come because you should.
i cant really decide what to do tonight. i have a load of laundry in, but after that…iono. i cant decide if im hungry or not and its cold outside. and we still dont have a tv. maybe i’ll invent something. i dont know what yet, but maybe i will.
maybe i’ll just consume massive quantities of caffeine and see what happens.
i want candy but i remembered i have cookies.
ok that is all.

current mood: “Way way back in the 1980s”

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  1. hahah there is so not anything wrong with me hearting Buffalo. these jeans are amazing! and this watch…mmmmm this watch.
    good god im an addict…but i can admit my problem…but im still addicted…oh well. they’re pretty pants.

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