i saw a bald man with a unibrow

so on today’s wednesday walk i decided to go to Granville Island. it was a nice walk, chilly and windy but nice. i think when Mt. Rainier erupts i’m going to go stand on the bridge to granville island and watch from there. such a perfect view. i didnt actually stay to long on granville cause i figured i had to leave time to walk back to harbour center, but then i took the 98 B-Line back and there was still and hour to kill so i went across to north van for a bit and walked around the Quay.
we were talking about thematic entertainment culture today. it’s absolutely gross how far advertising has trickled into every corner of the media. at the break i asked my prof if she was going to bring up the whole “giving a commercial its own movie style premier” and she said she would. and then she’s like, “whats your name, you read the Joe Canadian thing last week.” so i told her, and she was like “you were really good at it!”
and then for almost all the second part of class she was like “pat asked this and pat brought this up and lets hear what pat has to say.” she’s a cool prof. i sit in the front row in that class lol. i’ll have to talk with her more about grad shcool.
oh, and UPS has further demonstrated that they are a complete failure by not even being able to put a package on a truck. so fuck them im never using UPS again.
we’re having a perogie party tomorrow.
and speaking of party, i think tomorrow i’ll put up some info about the impending birthday funness that many people are expected, nay DEMANDED, to attend.
also, looks like there’s a solo acoustic tour happening on the part of matthew good. hopefully a vancouver show will be added soon so i can run like mad and secure a ticket. and hopefully if there’s an attempt at a pre-show get together as there was in november there’ll be no shutting anyone out because of bitchy hostesses at the door. WHEN THE INVITE SAYS COME ON IN I THINK I’LL GO ON IN BITCH!

current mood: “Behind the Wall of Sleep” by Black Sabbath

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