carolina was a gambler

instead of gonig back up to rez for my three hours break today, i decided to stay downtown and finish going through my kin110 chapters. took all of like 30 minutes.
so i went for about a two hour walk all around downtown and took pictures. i don’t really have time to post them all before my class starts so i’ll do it tonight.
also, i have decided that right before class i’m going to the starbucks at Waterfront station and seeing if they’ll put shots of expresso in the Chantico.
if not, i’m going to get something with at least three shot in it, take it to class and sit in the front row.
don’t ask why, it just seems like the thing to do at the time.

cuurent mood: “Big City Life” by Matthew Good

4 Thoughts.

  1. Once that 3rd shot hits you, the lights will start to sing and everything will have a pretty orange glow to it.

    Well everything except the Magic Eggplant that will bring you fresh muffins and worn-out highlighters.

    Soon you shall dance with the blue cheese from Neptune.

  2. Heeeeeey. I’m in KIN 110. Where do you usually sit? Here I was thinking I barely knew a soul in the class.

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