how the fuck do you pronounce that?

this is Boris the Jar of mudfish. he plays with alexei.
i’ve spent about five hours today studying kinesiology. i have two chapters left. i fucking hate this class. now whenever i eat anything all i can think is “this is how my innards are digesting this and this is going to turn into such and such a protein or carb or polysaccharide…”
ok…so maybe i’m learning something…
but really, why is it important for me to know that bile is stored in the gallbladder if i’m getting a degree in communication? the closest thing we come to that is talking about food advertising.
when i was taking a break earlier i listened to matt good’s latest podcast. mine was the fifth question i think. for some reason i thought it was incredibly funny how he read where i was from. i have no idea what’s so funny about “…pat obviously goes to SFU…” but i couldn’t stop laughing.
i blame the studying. it has killed all sense of reason in my head.
i should get back to the annoying textbook. i still have the readings for my other classes to do too.

current mood: Oilers vs. Colorado on 630 CHED

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  1. I think I got here through Technorati. I like this place. I won’t be moving in, but, I’ll link it!

  2. Pat, I recall a little birdie telling you something about KIN 110 being le suck. What will you do next time a little birdie named Meg tells you not to take a class?

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