do merpeople eat sushi?

i spent about four and a half hours editing video this morning. it’s nice to be able to go to the new tech lab without anyone there and just put shit everywhere, eat, and poke around with clips.
shaz came down after her class and when we exited the depths of Shrum it was sunny! like REAL sun!!
for those playing along at home and dont live in vancouver…it’s been close to forty days since it was actually sunny out. sounds so biblical doesn’t it?
i feel pretty good lately. my head is all smiley.
even when i argue communication theory. speaking of…someone apparently did a semiological quantitative content analysis of raymi’s blog and only based it on Arthur Berger’s semiological theory.
i don’t see how you could competently write a paper examining the meaning of content in a blog without taking into consideration Peirce’s icons, indexes, and symbols, Derrida’s more postmodern deconstructionist theory, and de Sausseur’s ‘signifier’ and ‘signified’. basing a semiotic paper soley on Berger is fucking retarded. mostly because if you’re going to write a paper that has any sort of semiology in it, you at least base your hypothesis and conclusions on something that a more influencial theorist said. that’s ok Berger, we all know that you mixed up Peirce and de Sausseur and hoped no one noticed. i mean, at the very least you have to acknowledge whether you’re interpreting your content from a modern, postmodern, structuralist, or post structuralist point of view.
oh…and you must give a nod to McLuhan if you’re talking about ownership of any sort of medium. but you can ignore Innis. i hate Innis.

oh my god…my education is catching up with me…

here’s a quite brilliant little video of matt good talking about thetits and ass content of our world.

ok, i’m going to go get leftovers now.

current mood: “The Soapmakers” by Clutch

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  1. Matt Good the perfume does sound intriguing, I wonder what free gift he would give with it to entice more people to buy it.

    Perhaps a pair of his spiffy glasses…?

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