hung. over. dont. care.

first, come on people, technology is rapidly moving ahead. how can i be expected to upload images if no one has an SD drive?
couch surfing is fun. i’ve decided that. last night was fucking awesome.
i can’t actually remember the last time i went out to a bar before last night.
we predrank at alana’s place. twas good times. lots of ppl showed up.
and now simon and i are stumbling around in a hungover stupor realizing that we need to get up so we can meet people for breasfast.
mmmmm food. he has two girl roommates. they talk rather loud.
ok, that is all for now.
pics to come at some point…

ccurrent mood: “Revolution” by The Beatles

4 Thoughts.

  1. you have 2 girl roommates. we don’t talk very loud, but our friends might. I’ve been noticing that about Sumaya. Peoples are getting back which makes me do a happy dance. But pat is not back which inhibits the happy dancing.

  2. it doesnt inhibit it. i did much happy dancing last night. and more tomorrow at 80s night. thats right. 80s night.

  3. omg. is “where has that fish gone?” like a monty python thing? fishy, fishy, fishy, fish!

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