I Just Made You Up

much as i feel compelled to post everyday, since i arrived at home i’ve felt strangely detached from blogging. so this is just a heads up that most likely i’ll be lagging in the posting in the next two weeks. i’ll try not to, but there’s only so much i can do to avoid getting told by mom to get the fuck off the computer and go do something.

current mood “Only” by NIN

3 Thoughts.

  1. Considering that you’ve limited yourself to talking about how school sucks and your love of firearms, I personally would like to thank your mother.

    But since your home I’m going to have to yell…


  2. LOL well said. I just realized something, I do believe last night was the first time in four months that you and I had a conversation that wasn’t heavy on the 363. I’m impressed.

  3. … this is why i dont talk to pat about school. just sex drugs, rock & or roll. actually we really only talk about rock & roll. wierd.

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