Spille D’Arte

i can’t say that i’m completely happy about what happened last night.
and no, you aren’t going to find out, if i think you should know then you’ll be on my msn list.
getting perspective is a funny thing. i went for dinner on commercial drive with friend brett who works for CBC last night. i was standing at the skytrain station waiting for him watching all the dope deals and can people digging through the garbage.
as much as i feel shitty right now, at least i’m not one of those people.
things have a weird way of working themselves out. good thing i can be patient.

current mood: “Black Helicopters” by Matthew Good

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  1. I wish I was on your msn list, I am so curious!!

    Sounds like you’re a little blah, I hope things are better for you soon.

    Maybe it’s how cold and quiet it gets up on campus after exams? Trust me, I know all about that. I lived there back in the days when there wasn’t even a community AT ALL (yeah, even worse than it is now) and there were no stores no NOTHING, just a gas station with overpriced Mr Noodles.

    Things’ll get better…

    Have a Merry Christmas 🙂

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