And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure

i’m going to take a study break. i’ve been listening to recorded lectures since 11am. it’s almost 5pm now. here’s some things you can see in the general vicinity of where i sit and study:

1. certificate of ordination from the Universal Life Church
2. set list from the November 5 Matt Good show, and the NIN pick i got from that concert
3. a bottle of coke
4. a postcard from italy
5. a bag of orange and black smarties
6. my notes
7. this morning’s cereal bowl
8. empty bottles of Big Rock Warthog Cream Ale
9. my webcam
10. a polaroid
11. the phone number of a residence in italy
12. an empty pie dish
13. concert ticket stubs
14. the printer guardians
15. a sticker that says “a slave to the IKEA nesting instinct”
16. reznet tech support number
17. this semesters class schedule
18. cards from ash
19. alabaster mushroom
20. bone shaped pewter sand timer
21. drink umbrealla that i have no idea how it got there
22. my keyboard
23. my stapler
24. my not cell phone phone
25. a speaker
26. mitch the computer
27. the monitor
28. a laser pointer
29. the mouse that glows red underneath
30. the ever important desk. with drawers.

perhaps next time i’ll do the rest of the room. right now i’m gonna listen to more lecture.

current mood: “I Want To Be Sedated” by The Ramones

2 Thoughts.

  1. But do you have a complete page of 1969 and 1970 Canada Day stamps? Or original pre-Canadified Newfoundland stamps??? OK, maybe the NL ones are post-marked, but still…
    I used to collect stamps when I was little. Stamp Traveller’s Club represent. Bitches.

  2. dont…come to think of it…i have no Canada stamps at all. i had a collection of 14 strange and exotic ones from europe when i was in grade 4. i don’t know what happened to them.
    right now i have a massive collection of wasted paper with class notes printed on them that’ll i’ll never have to use after thursday. my prof’s definitely aren’t Green Party members…

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