Quigon Can’t Be a Lion!

i went to see Chronicles of Narnia with vanessa and her friends. i’m glad that she won press passes and we didn’t have to pay, cause it’s totally a cheap tuesday movie.
honestly, the best character is the Ice Queen, Santa doesn’t drive an armoured sled, and the four kids were probably the least intense warriors ever. it’s like whoever adapted it for screen play was like, “let’s gloss the book over as fast as we can and make it look real good with the CGI and all and maybe no one will mind that we destroyed the plot.”
and since it was the first screening, half the theatre was reserved for the press and disney people, so all the good seats were taken before anyone even got into the theatre.
and liam neeson dooing the voice for aslan…omg kill me now.
either King Kong better make up for it big time, or the next installment better be fifty thousand times better than this one.

current mood: “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors

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  1. What kind of word is “skfeb”? And “zhnuoqi”?

    Word verification is such an inappropriate title, it should be like “Check to see if you can read and copy random sounds from a computer screen” verification.

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