a few of the madge girls are having a girls night here. normally i’d probly be down there watching whatever movie it is and listening to them talk about girl stuff.
hey, gotta keep the Madge Boy spirit alive.
but i’m not. i tried to do something today. i managed to watch seven episodes of “My Name is Earl” and go walk around metrotown and get weirded out by the crowds flocknig through this temple of consumerism. that mall fucking scares me. not in an agoraphobic sense. more like from the constant environmental saturation of trend power. i’d walk down the halls and watch the gangs of 50 followers or JLo followers, and the trendy people trying to be pretentious, and the fat people trying to be trendy. it’s a disgusting monument to everything i think is sickeningly wrong with parts of our culture.
if you want wear G-Unit clothes then fine. just so long as you know that you’re supporting a cadre of drug dealers and murderers. and wearing clothes with the number 50 on them does not make you 50 Cent. so stop acting like you are you. fucking. idiotic. motherfucking. tools.
and twelve year olds who dress like this and carry fucking cellphones. don’t even fucking get me started. you’re in grade 6. you don’t need a fucking cellphone you. fucking. tool.
i went into two stores. i went into bluenotes as i always do, and as i’ve always been the last dozen times i’ve been, i was thoroughly disappointed. i went into coast mountain sports to look at camping gear. i did not stop in the middle of the mall to pose. i did not join a cluster of rapper wannabes taking up the whole hallway all talking on cellphones. i did not point at the clothes of others and make disgusted faces and point them out to my friends.
the last piece of clothing i bought were my buffalo jeans in august. i saved up a specific amount over the summer to buy one pair. they don’t make me want to go to the mall and act like i’m god of the bag toters unlike most everyone i walked by today.
there are 470 stores in that mall. i left without carrying a bag and knowing that there were two things i would like. a pair of merrell hiking boots and a petzl headlamp. most likely they will be in wrapped boxes in my living room in a month. then i’ll go stand in the middle of the mall wearing them both and acting like i’m Lil John.
mall people are stupid far too often.

current mood: “Psycho Boy Jack” by The Dust Brothers

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  1. Bitch and moan and bitch and moan.

    You wouldn’t be so whiny if you weren’t such a social masochist.

  2. I hate Metrotown with a passion, it’s the most horrible mall I’ve ever been to, and it’s for the exact same reasons as you stated…

    And I always left that place empty handed too. For 470 stores they’ve sure got a lot of crap.

    I’ve conditioned myself to feel anger and frustration before I even step foot inside that mall now, so I’ve banned myself from going there completely.

    So yeah…I hear ya!

  3. Oh Pat, do not go to Coast mountain for camping gear. go to Mec! The mecca of all things great and outdoorsy.

  4. The simple solution is to just join the Valu Village revolution. I can’t think of anywhere else where you can pay so little for no style — Which becomes your style.

    And while we’re on the topic of style, I just want to say how much I hate it that American Eagle started encroaching on my no-style style.

    Okaaaaay… I believe that in the last 3 paragraphs, I’ve said “style” enough times for at least 7 essays on Georgio Armani. Sooo I’m out.
    style style style

    OK, I’m really done now…
    What were you talking about again? I’ve confused myself.

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