Pushpins in Corkboard

there’s one week of class left. i have my first final next thursday. i should be reading textbooks.
instead i’m reading this. this book and the sequel are my favourite books ever. next to If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. i suggest you read this and then when you’re done pick up Seize The Night without hesitation.
i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve read these books.
in other news, our 375 presentation was roxom. the judges were mucho impressed with our magazine. our 363 quant report was handed in today in all its 130 page long glory.
i also had a drink for the first time in nearly two months when i got home. i had one bottle of Big Rock Warthog Cream Ale. best beer ever.
i’m going to read another chapter then sleep.

current mood: “So Gently We Go” by I Mother Earth

5 Thoughts.

  1. I was wondering about your website expertise….I need to exploit you a little if you know anything about C-Panel.

  2. I would just like to state that MASTER’s theses are not supposed to be 130 pages long so I do dearly hope that that is the last time I ever have to hand in something so epically awful.

  3. hey comment deleted, come back!
    i sure as hell didn’t delete you, so until I see what you said, get your ass back here!

  4. oooh… i love dean koontz. i just read life expectancy. it’s hilarious.

    my favourite book by him is still intensity. scares the shit out of me every time.

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