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It may be too long after the Adventurous Adventure Times in British Columbia Otherwise Known as Fubar 4.0 and Beyond for a true recap. Instead, I offer this video which is sure to make Dario and I super famous for Planet Earth parodies and a link to all the pictures from said trip here.

Ok, I’ll do a short recap anyway.

Good times had by all.

It rained some.

We drove a lot.

Good food.

Met new peoples.

Got super secret nicknames.

Discovered that both major routes home were closed because of flooding/mudslides/rockslides and the likes.

Played catch up with a silver NSX along the incredibly twisty Highway 3 we were forced to take, which made up for being stuck behind RVs and slow ass fuckers in minivans.

That should do it.

next friday we take possession of our house. this means I’ll be able to repeat the bulk of this in the near future:

can’t argue with that. at all. ever. EVER.

we play the lotto at the office. the most we’ve ever won is $40. we won $20 this time. most everyone there says that if they won, they’d drop what they were doing at work and get the fuck out like THAT. it helps if you snap your fingers when you get to THAT, gives it more emphasis of THAT.

I don’t know if i’d quit my job or not. I mean, there’d always be the opportunity, but I’m fortunate in that I like my job and the people I work with enough to stop and say “mayhaps I won’t drop you like a turd if my bank account suddenly swelled to the tune of several millions of teh dollarz.”

I think I’d probably just chill out, pay off the new house, pay off students loans and any other outstanding debt we have, and then go to racing school in Calgary so that I could be prepared to properly drive a Catherham 7. you can buy them in Chemainus. it’s probably a good thing we never drove through Chemainus on the way to Saltspring because I would have demanded we stop at the place they import and build them so I could stare at them.

all of that would be less than half a million bucks. and then I’d drive to work in a car based on an old Lotus F1 chassis and it would be fucking sweet. unless I didn’t have a parking pass, cause I’m not parking that outside.

and then I’d hand my dad a wad of cash and tell him not to spend it wisely at the Barrett Jackson in Vegas in September. and that I upgraded our hotel room.

and then I’d probably not make a big splash anywhere cause you hear all the stories about lotto winners being hounded by people. that means super secret evil lair type bunker by a lake in the woods somewhere. with a room that’s all trampoline.

until then, I’ll settle for being able to borrow a kayak and being able to walk across the street and chill out on a part of the lake where fifty thousand other people aren’t allowed to go.

winner winner chicken dinner.

speaking of… I need to thaw some…

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