cheetos and the fugitive mind

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on tuesday we went up to edmonton so a doctor could shoot lasers at Aimée’s face. I asked if it made PEW PEW noises. then I asked if I could make PEW PEW noises. then I asked if I could run around the room all Han Solo style yelling PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW!!! geuss which one was not agreed to. if you guessed the first one, you are correct.

it made noises like a library bar code scanner instead. I was a little disappointed. I was a little disappointed I didn’t have to wear giant tinted goggles to protect from the LASER BEAMS either.


I did subsequently get to make a shit ton of Dr. Evil and his Laser jokes.

afterwards, we went to a deli right by the clinic and bought some sammiches and I caved and bought four fresh Italian sausages. two chorizo and two chicken, tomato and basil. so I cooked the bitches up last night on our grill. I also sliced up a potato and yam in that Julienne style IE REAL FUCKING THIN, and fried them into delicious little crisps. and you know what? that whole meal was fucking fantastic. those sausages were the, you take one bite and stop and stare at it and look at the other person because they’re doing the same thing, good.

yes. THAT good.

it was also insanely cold here this week. so cold in fact that the driver door of my brand new truck decided that in the few seconds it took me to open the door, the latch would actually freeze open. you want to bitch about your door freezing shut, try driving to work having to hold it shut.

to be fair, I only had to hold it a few blocks before the heater warmed it up enough to make it work.

fucking winter.

although, I have to say I’m glad that’s all that happened. if I still had the van, I probably wouldn’t have been making it in to work. the cold has that van’s number written all over it. it’s frightening to hear it try to start in minus 30 or less. all those noises you really hope you never hear coming from your engine? yeah, it does that.

now I don’t have to worry about it. my truck is like, “-36? bitch, please. SYNTHETIC OIL FTW!”

you know what I think about SOPA and PIPA? everyone should just host everything in Canada. those are American laws affecting American hosted content. fuck ’em. home hosted, no problems.

and that’s that. food time.

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