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Matt Good - Nothing to Hide - Vancouver 07
Matt Good Nov10-72
Matt Good Nov 14-90

tonight marks the tenth time I’ve seen Matt Good live. it also marks the first time I’ve gone to a concert in Red Deer. well, maybe that’s not technically true, but a concert that isn’t in a bar. usually ten of something is like a milestone, like your ten year high school reunion.

I was thinking about that today while throwing the ball for the dog, and came to the conclusion that I probably owe more to Matt Good than I do most of the people I went through high school with. hell, more than some of the people I knew since kindergarten and went 13 years through school with.

I started reading Danielle’s blog because she was commenting on his blog. Same with Chad. Everett and I cemented part of our friendship going to two concerts at the Commodore in 2006, the second night when we tried to get into the pre-concert meetup hosted by Tony Pierce at the Granville Room. we’d told people we were coming via comments and IM, and had yet to actually meet several of these people in person. I remember being stoked that we were getting the chance to meet some of the people in Vancouver we’d only ever really come to know online. Of course, that’s also the night the bitch of a hostess refused to let us in because “we weren’t expected.” we moped around on Granville for a while before hitting up the concert, where we actually ended up meeting Tony.

After the show I knew there were other people around I wanted to meet, but we ended up heading back up to SFU without catching them. I guess that didn’t really matter in the long run anyway since I subsequently met all of them and now count some of those people as not only my closest friends, but my family. Along side them are several of the coolest people I’ve ever had the chance to meet and, if not become close friends, at least have the pleasure of drinking a beer or two with.

I always figured that those two concerts were catalysts in building my life in Vancouver. something to cherish even though it didn’t go exactly as planned.

That was five years ago last week.

Since then, I’ve been to other of his concerts on my own, even back in Vancouver with them. Tonight I’m taking Aimée. It’s her first time seeing him live.


Next year is my ten year high school reunion. I doubt I’ll go. I honestly can’t think of anything that happened in those years that matches the importance of a few nights and a handful of people that I’ve come to experience and know in the more recent past.

I got us the VIP ticket packs with the meet and greet pass. I don’t know if I’ll bother with a picture, I just want to shake his hand and say thanks.

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