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i keep thinking i need a 35mm or a 24mm prime lens. maybe that’s why i felt like i should snap on my nifty 50 and take some shots of what i decided to invent for dinner tonight. yes, here in the simplistic glory of about a dozen pictures is something i made up out of thin air that ended up being fairly delicious. i have no idea what to call it, other than “The Dinner I Made Up Today. Today Being January 10, 2011.” that names needs some work I think…

um, I should mention that cooking times were basically done on the fly, so… yeah, I’m not sure what to say about that, other than guess.

Dinner Jan 10-11

three strips of pork side, cut into 1/4 inch bits. put in large skillet without oil on medium. (i started this on 6 initially, then when the fat started to render knocked it down to 5. that might have had something to do with the fact that it was exploding fat at me.)

Dinner Jan 10-11-2

when the pork starts to brown and stick to the pan, use a spatula to scrape it around. it’ll stick until more fat renders and some other ingredients are added. first next addition: one green onion, chopped. (you could probably use two or however many you want. I used one. it is what it is)

Dinner Jan 10-11-3

let the onions cook in for a minute or two. then add some roughly chopped kalamata olives. I think i used about ten or twelve. i don’t know, i just spooned them onto the cutting board until I went “yeh, looks good.” also, get pitted ones. I have a jar of pitted and not-pitted. go for pitted. go ahead and toss those in.

Dinner Jan 10-11-4

I had all these ingredients pre-chopped and cut. you should do that. it saves time and clutter. next up, one medium bell pepper, chopped. or sliced. it was more sliced than chopped, but i used a chopping motion… one jalapeno pepper. i split it down the middle, scraped out the seeds then chopped up each half. leave in some of the pith, it’ll keep some of the heat. halve a dozen or so grape tomatoes. throw all that in the pan. it’ll sizzle. once some of the liquid from the peppers and tomatoes comes out, it’ll prevent it all from sticking to the bottom with the pork.and they’ll soak up some of the delicious pork fat. can’t argue with that.

Dinner Jan 10-11-5

while that’s all sizzling away, put a pack of gnocchi in a pot. fill it with water. put it on the stove on High. when it starts to boil, take them off and drain them.

Dinner Jan 10-11-6

next in the pan, a couple shakes of sesame seeds, and…

Dinner Jan 10-11-7

smoked paprika. give each of them some good shakes.

Dinner Jan 10-11-8

mix it up. like a mash up. not like a rap though. that’s not really mixing.

Dinner Jan 10-11-9

once the gnocchi has hit a boil and you’ve drained it, throw it in the pan and toss it around. make sure you toss it enough so that it all gets coated with the awesomeness that’s already in there.

Dinner Jan 10-11-10

I bought fresh sage today. and basil and oregano. i only used sage in this. tear off a bunch of leaves. wash them. pat them dry. rip them up. put ’em in the pan. putting the sage in this late means it won’t cook all the flavour out, and you’ll still get crisp flavour when you get a bite of it.

Dinner Jan 10-11-11

once the sage has cooked in for about a minute, take the whole thing off the heat. the next step is optional. i threw in some bocconcini. mix it in so it’s coated. don’t let it sit there and wait for it to melt, it’ll do that on it’s own while you eat.

Dinner Jan 10-11-12

bowl it. not plate it. i was going to go for a plate, but my sister bought me these rad japanese styled bowls for christmas. they have a place to rest chopsticks. or your fork. i didn’t go for salt and pepper, you could if you want I guess, but the olives and pork are already salty, and the jalapeno gives it enough kick.

now eat it.

you’re welcome.

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