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yes. yes it is what you think it looks like. it is indeed a man in a wet suit, snorkel and flippers in the midst of of faceplant off a bike in 30 degree weather. yes. yes those kinds of things do apparently happen sometimes. and they happen at places like Shake the Lake.

were i given the choice between riding said bike in said wet suit off the sidewalk and onto more pavement, or off a boardwalk and into the lake just a few blocks down, i’d probably go for the lake option.

since all the smoke from the BC forest fires has come to town, it’s looked like the fucking apocalypse outside for the last day and a half. seriously, we couldn’t see a whole block out of the windows at the office today.

now it’s raining and hailing like nobody’s business.

yesterday we had some morning show DJs from the newest radio station in town show up to our practice to try it out, take some video and see what all the fuss is about. given that I rarely actually listen to a radio station from here (thank jebus for the Fox streaming online in the morning!) I had no idea who they were or where they were from. if you’ve bothered to follow that link you’ll see that it’s an easy listening station. totally the target demographic of roller derby… but whatever, they were fun people. the chick was dressed kind of like a flamingo that wished it were a giraffe and then dressed in dayglo, leopard print spandex. and for about an hour I was ‘training’ them to be derby players. they don’t have the video up yet, but when i find it i’ll post it. likewise, i don’t know if they talked about it at all this morning seeing as how my listening habits at work primarily consist of the Jeff O’Neil Show and podcasts in the Smodcast Network.

in any case, it was all good fun watching them try not to fall on their ass and break something. basically, my teaching them sounded like this

*watching them skate towards the wall at the other side*

“if you want to stop, the easiest way for you to do that is to take a knee like so.”

*demonstrate how to take a knee.*


“…or run into the wall. that works too.”

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