this pen is broken

i had one of those oddly layered dreams last night where you know you’re dreaming, and then you start dreaming that you’re sleeping and then you start dreaming another dream inside the first dream and you have that dream and then you wake up from that one, and you know you’re still sleeping and still have a dream.

i can’t remember what either one was about. at some point i was walking around in sandals.

the problems my cable had yesterday have continued into today. but at least my internet still works. and i won’t complain too much cause at least one of the channels that still works is sportsnet and when i stumbled out of bed this morning and turned it on it just so happened to have the Tottenham v. Portsmouth match on. there’s something oddly gratifying about being groggy from sleep, kind of morphing into a lump on the couch and coming in half way into a game where the team you cheer for is up by two and basically guaranteed a win.

i tried to come up with some new riffs last night, but the motivation to do that was kind of subverted by never being quite satisfied that anything was really in tune.

i keep wondering how long it’ll take the sun to fade my giant jim morrison painting is i leave my balcony blinds open. and i should probably move my telecaster away from the balcony doors cause im pretty sure the constant cooling and warming is not healthy for it.

i thought today was sunday when i woke up. thats not how a three day weekend is supposed to go.

a bunch of us are going for a free skate at the igloo this afternoon. im debating whether or not to bring my camelbak and just do two hours of endurance skating.

right now im trying to decide if i should add chocolate covered peanuts to my rice krispies.

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  1. I sometimes worry that the sun may melt my Jim Morrison doll.. I mean action figure… I mean… uh.. Seth McFarlane figure.

    Whatever. Just don’t melt, Jim. Mr. Mojo Risin ‘ isn’t meant to melt.

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