hold on all the way

like it or hate it, today represents the bringing together of a group of people who will strive to be the best they can be and hope to hold their heads high for their countries and personal accomplishment and pride. it’s hard to ignore the social and economic costs that the games have placed on Vancouver, but at the same time this is one of those rare opportunities where the feeling across the country is one of civic pride and support. I went to watch the torch as it was carried through Red Deer more as a curiousity than anything else, but as soon as it approached and went by, I was almost reduced to tears by the sudden feeling of pride for my country and countrymen that I felt.

the opening of these olympics has already been marred by an unfortunate tragedy and uncertainty about what will happen after they are over, but as of this moment, I hope that every Canadian can hold their head high and recognize that we are providing inviting the world on to our stage and show the utmost respect to a corps of people who are living their dream.

to the athletes affected by the death of their Georgian teammate, I offer my utmost condolences.

to the athletes of every country that has worked hard to make the journey to the country that I call my own and the city I still call home, I wish the very best.

to our Canadian athletes, I salute your accomplishments and will cheer you on , win or lose, as the very best representatives our nation has to offer in these games. You all hold a unique set of skills and bravery unmated by a majority of Canadians and deserve to be held in high regard because of this.

to Canadians across the country, I wish you all the best in cheering on our athletes and those of other countries, and hope your sense of national pride is given its full potential to come out and say GO CANADA GO!

to my friends and family in Vancouver, I wish I was there with you right now to cheer and support each other. please know that I am there in spirit and as much as I can be.

15 minuted until we show the world who we are.

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