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I’ve never been that particularly impressed with New Year’s. i had to stop and think a while before i could remember where i was for it last year. and the year before. and the year before. then i tried to find some pictures and turns out i was completely wrong about where i was a few times. actually, i can’t find most of the pictures i’ve taken on new year’s. i know i have them, i don’t know where i put them.

if you asked me what my most memorable new year’s was, i’d be hard pressed to tell you. not from a difficult choice. more like the opposite. it’s always anti-climactic. the one year that only ever stands out in my mind doesn’t even really have to do with me. I was sitting on some random couch at some random house in coquitlam having tagged along with chad and danielle. if i could find the picture, that i was SWORN to NEVER EVER post, EVER, but was then subsequently posted by the very person who told me this at some point, I could show you what I meant. suffice to say, that was the Friends moment wherein our roles as Joey, Monica and Chandler were made clear.

so there you go. my most memorable new year’s is two of my best friends obviously deciding they were going to get married and make babies and all that fun stuff. and then asking if i’d sneaked a picture. and then telling me never ever tell anyone ever yet. it’s a little more wholesome of a moment than the time i ended up on the floor with a bagel hanging out of my mouth. although, that time there was lots of yelling about staying the fuck away from my soul or something like that. still…

this year I’m not going to a party. im not staying in red deer either. i wanted to go to saskatoon to see Big Sugar but couldnt get away in time. so now im going to calgary to see a punk show with one of the derby girls. mosh in the new year? seems like it could be fun.

cheers to everyone who’s already, is in the process of or will soon be welcoming another decade. and just because i know that at some point this would have come up were i in Vancity…

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  1. Couldn’t you have written this before I wrote my nye post? Now I look like an ass.

    that memorable new year’s sounds pretty scary. stay the fuck away from your soul?? i guess it was one of those “had to be there” moments eh?

    2009 was awesome cause I met you, you made me laugh and helped me endure Chad’s company. I hope we meet again in the next year. 🙂

  2. I wanna know the story about whoever you’re telling to stay the fuck away from your soul…. was it me? Oh hell. It was, wasn’t it?

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