it’s a miracle Triple-O’s

foto by danielle

foto by danielle

look, im not sure there’s any picture that could sum up the return to Vancouver as much as this one. I mean, there are a shit load of pictures that have been taken over the last two days. like, several hundred. but this one captures the sentiment exactly. i have a crapload to upload and i still haven’t loaded them off my memory cards.

either way, aside from the two hour flight delay on friday afternoon, this trip has thus far been epic. there’s nothing quite like falling back into that groove as soon as you step foot somewhere.

anyway. Cambie on friday, banquet today, tomorrow is a whole new day of fun waiting to decide to show up some how.

right. the one thing i will say, having this much fun does make you tired. so. sleep time.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Somehow I missed the Friday Cambie thing. I had the nagging feeling you were in Vancouver. Text me if you want to catch up, I’ll mostly be in the DT area. Welcome home, buddy!

  2. it was good to see you Pat, I could tell you were very happy to be back home and everyone was even happier for that. 🙂

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