the best action in a while

I’m watching the Tottenham vs. Stoke City match. I know Stoke won 1-0, but seeing as how i never got to watch it live, I figure I’d watch the recorded match.

today was a pretty good day, but it was one of those day’s where you know it’s good, but the end of it is kind of up in the air.

my dad and I spent the better part of the day at an auction which was pretty fun. picked up one item for a steal, got outbid on a second. you start to get an idea of what you should be able to pay for certain items, and you don’t jump in right when they call the initial price. The auctioneer had called $500 to start which no one wanted so I managed to start it at $200. Worked it up to $475 between myself and one other guy and I knew he was really hesitating to go higher so I thought I had it in the bag, til some other jackass decided to jump in on both of us and put in more than he should have. meh. there’s another one in february. we’ll see what happens then.

after my dad headed home, I went down to the westerner for the derby bout between red deer and edmonton. i managed to fill one 4gig card and about a gig on a second one with pictures. good turnout, unfortunately our team (my team?) lost.

after the bout there was an after party at a bar pretty close to my place. and it’s at this point that I started to wonder if it was going to be a crap end to the day. it wasn’t really but it ended up being one of those times where i’d sit there and think ‘fuck this is strange…’

i ended up sitting at a table for a while where three other guys were talking about local bands that i had no idea about and then how one of them was moving to Edmonton this week and they were all of the same opinion that Edmonton was super exciting. All i did was sit there and listen. I kept thinking ‘ grew up next to edmonton, i’ve been out in edmonton, it’s not really that fun.” and then they started to talk about how they’d love to move to a big city.

maybe it’s because i was born there, but i’ve never really thought of edmonton as ‘the big city’. i know there’s close to a million people in the area there, but it just doesn’t seem like that. come to think of it, I never thought of Vancouver as ‘the big city.’ i know Vancouver is big, but i just never thought of it like that. im not even sure how to explain it. i just have a hard time wrapping my head around people here who would love to more to edmonton to ‘live the city life’.

this was also the first time in three months that i’ve set foot in a bar in red deer. and, of course, being me this meant that i was super uncomfortable and trying hard not to sketch out because i’ve never been there, didn’t know what it was like and didn’t really know anyone there that well (even if i see lots of them at skate practice). there’s this chick who’s new to the team too who’s really cool. married, but really cool. i ended up talking to her for a while. i’m pretty sure we’ll be pretty decent friends. except for maybe the act that she can’t do a jager bomb if her life depended on it.

anyway. im not sure if i feel like sleeping. i dunno.

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