one plate of pie

i’ve hit that three month period where when you move somewhere, you’ve gone through most of your griping about having moved there and not knowing anyone and you’ve started to meet new people and find stuff to do. that’s how it works. month one is constant bitching, month two is constant saying how everything was better back wherever you were before, month three is still griping but settling in to whatever kind of groover you’ve set yourself in.

however, that’s not to say that every time i drive back into red deer i dont go ‘fuck….i live in red deer…’ because i do. every time. today it was more like “fuck… why is it snowing already?” it was minus 9 when i woke up this morning. this was officially the coldest day i’ve woken up to in my own place in the last five years. and so, with a tshirt, sweater, hoodie and the heaviest coat i own (which is basically a medium weight rain jacket) and gloves and a toque i braved the brief drive to work today, randomly cursing at the weather.

i think four months in Dhaka raised my internal thermometer a few degrees. or made me hate the cold that much more now. cause i wore a scarf inside all day. i didnt care i was getting weird looks for it cause it was fucking cold in there. it’s funny how when you live in vancouver, and you go somewhere else in the winter and you come back saying “it was like minus a billion!” and everyone is like “holy fuck that must have sucked tha’s wayyyyy too cold” and you feel good because everyone agrees with you that minus a billion is indeed way too cold. doesn’t work that way in the rest of the country. instead, it’s more like “oh right, you’re from Vancouver. You just wait” and then they laugh.

i ripped a hole in the only pair of gloves i own last weekend. so today on the way up to the rents place i stopped in at canadian tire and picked up a new pair. they’re neoprene. and camo. they are awesome.

i have to sit down and record some guitar riffs i came up with the other day. kind of a Big Sugar meets QOTSA feel.

i spent a good part of the day willing my new skates to get here faster so i could not have to wait for them anymore and go find some place to try them out.

Vancouver got me most of the way up thee highway today. i have the chorus from Us Remains Impossible in my head. though while I was listening to it, I kept thinking how Barney Stinson would sing it like “us remains possimpible!”

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  1. It was -4 here in PG/Fort all day… and I’m freezing my fucking ass off. I’ve turned into the biggest wimp ever. Thankfully I will kill animals tomorrow to make up for it.

  2. Snow? Disgusting.

    Best thing you can get out of this experience is that if you ever have bitchy kids in the future you can look them in the eye and say “YOU THINK YOU HAVE IT ROUGH I LIVED IN FUCKING RED DEER.”

  3. I wondered loudly yesterday why I didn’t go to school in San Diego. Because honestly. Every time I’ve been to San Diego it’s been freaking gorgeous.

    But then I wouldn’t live in Calgary and I wouldn’t have such an advantage over Vancouverites during the Zombie Apocalypse. Seriously. I can adapt to a variety of climates, rapidly.

    Hello, Chinooks- secret military Zombie Defense training? I think so.

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