sun less tanner

much to the disappointment of Dario, I never bailed once at the rollerderby practice tonight. even with his constant willing it to happen, nope. though, I did have one epic save where there was much flail and much ‘wooooah woah woooooah’ and much feet going back and forth only to come to rest on nothing but toe stops and thumbs and several people going “nice save!”.

i didnt know sportsnet pacific would cost me $8 a month, so I decided not to get it. especially considering the canucks are down 4-3 to Columbus of all teams with five minutes to go in the third. if im going to pay eight bucks a month, im not paying to watch people lose. if I wanted to do that, i’d get Leafs TV.

even doing sweet fuck all on sunday, the weekend caught up with me big time at work today. around 2:30 I could barely keep my eyes open. you know what’s a good pick me up? Big Rock, wendy’s burgers and skating outside.

i painted my skates black so they arent a slightly depressing shade of gray. now i need some sweet freehand layers or stickers or something.i should paint them to look like feet. that would be awesome in some really weird way. or, since they’re now black, do them up to look like Klingon boots. wait, no, those have spikes on the toes and that wouldnt help much in the stopping department.

right. sleep.

one month to Vancouver.

i should probably sleep seeing as how i have to get up at 4:30 to help him load his damn truck up so he can leave at 5am. i foresee lengthly zoning out at work as a result.

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