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I ordered the HD cable package when I had my cable hooked up. And you know what I’ve realized in the last month? I watch all of maybe six channels. I have two hundred some odd stations to pick from, and I watch six. I’m waiting for the NHL packages to start up. then it might even be eight.

I was a little slow in getting the pictures from the Belladonnas rollerderby game this past Saturday done, so they’ll be on here at some point.

It’s mid week. It doesn’t feel mid week. In fact, it feels like early and late week at once. But I guess if you average that out it’s mid week.

Today my boss came to my desk after getting back from Edmonton and said that lots of the higher ups are super keen about interns because they want to groom us to be the future leaders of the civil service. It’s strange how this has been an obviously recurring theme anywhere I’ve lived and worked. In Ottawa it was because I worked in the House and supposedly as a Page I was being groomed to be a future leader because we were only a group of forty out of thousands picked for the job. In Vancouver, that was the whole point of the MPP degree. Well, at least in large part. And now in Red Deer, where I sit at my desk and hide my excitement over playing with SPSS lest I get tagged a complete geek, I’m told it yet again. I guess it’s something to consider. I’ve thought about it. It’s hard not to when you’ve constantly had people ask you if you’d ever be a politician or something like that for years. I could, but I’ve worked behind the scenes of things like that and honestly, I don’t know if I’d want to put up with the bullshit. You can only affect so much change before people start to assume you’re trying to fuck them. I need point no further than south of the border where, as I’m sure we’re all aware, making an effort to help people is vilified to the point of near revolution.

I have no idea where I’m going with this.

So, in closing I’ll let you know that this past weekend I discovered just how much fun it is when you’re caught two quarter sections and a lake away from your vehicle by a lightning storm while carrying large metal objects, followed by getting poured on, and completely soaked through only to be told to just ‘go through the field the road is right there’ and find out that tearing through a field of wet, full grown canola is not easy, or fun and only makes you wetter to the point where you think that someone needs to come up with a definition of wet that goes beyond soaked to the bone and leaking out of pockets. next time i’m following the goddamn bush line.

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