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see? it doesn’t take an hour to set up a tent. it takes under a minute. or, if you prefer to gauge it in real time, about four minutes. right, MSR Hubba Hubba, very roomy, very light (just over four pounds), very cool. i bought it at the local camping store and while i was looking at it these three other people came over with the binder of tent models they have. needless to say, i’ve spent a good three weeks looking at and comparing lots of tent reviews and specs so I’m happy knowing I bought one of the best tents you can get. These other three, not so sure. Especially this tall dude with ZZ Top hair and beard who, the entire time I was standing there getting the tent set up and asking about it, was pointing out what he felt were it’s obvious flaws and reasons he didn’t like it. you know like telling his two friends, “yeah, I don’t know, if you poked that with a stick you’d rip it, and that’s why I don’t like it.” or “yeah, it’s a superlight tent, but that mesh, it can rip and then you can get wet, so I don’t like it.” I mentioned this to the guy at the checkout and he really couldn’t think of what to say to that. and then i saw the tent that they were looking at and though it had decent reviews, is heavier, about three times less water proof than mine (even with mesh, and it’s not like it doesn’t come with a rain fly durrrrrrr) and will definitely not stop rampaging sticks from ripping through should they start poking at it.

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