visualizing keystrokes

all day at work people were asking me if i had any big plans this weekend. everyone else in the office is going to the wedding of another person in the office. i’m just sitting here wondering how many times on monday someone will ask me if i did anything exciting over the weekend. probably not.

i guess tomorrow is as good a time as any to go buy that tent.

i managed to empty all but one box. i also went and picked up some frames so now i have some thing on the walls. I actually spent some time putting them in place so it’s not a collection of random wal hangings like i’ve been doing for the last number of years.

i have an empty space in here. it’s against the wall between where my kitchen table ends and my living room begins. it’s one of those empty space wher eyou know you need to put something but you’re not sure what. but you know it won’t stop bugging you until you figure it out. likewise in my bedroom against the wall opposite the foot of my bed. i know what I’d like to go there, now it’s just a matter of finding it. i think i’ll go have some more prints done and pick up some more frames and make a gallery wall somewhere.

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