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NP MPP shot

is it coincidence that the entire group of us who showed up for convocation ended up in the same picture in the national post? i can only assume that someone at the Post decided to preempt the Globe and Mail by having a two page spread photo of graduating policy analysts with no work and go ‘hah! we got the story first!’ and then someone would be like, what story, it’s a convocation picture.

or, and more likely the case, the cold water i leapt in to today caused me to think that.

yesterday the lot of us went up to Lynn Valley to walk around. of course, this meant walking more on the rocks along the rive than on any actual path. and this in turn led to the discovery of a large natural pool fed by a small river. which in turn led to the decision that dario, marlee and myself go back today and go swimming, which then resulted in the discovery that the water was fucking cold when fully submerged. this in turn caused a large crowd of people to gather on the bank leading us to feel that there were too many people. the consequence of this caused us to conlude that the best recourse was to vacate Lynn Valley and relocate to a second river elsewhere in North Van at which few, if any, other individuals would be finding repose. thus, we noted that the water of this second river was several degrees warmer than the previous body of water resulting in much less hesitation to leap in and freeze.

and now i want a slurpee.

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  1. Seriously guys…

    It’s glacier/snow run off!

    Come to think of it, Alouette lake is the same. It’ll be friggin cold.

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