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not my picture. its google magic.

not my picture. it's google magic.

i have to say, today was probably one of the most random days in a long time that didn’t turn out as it was originally planned but possibly ended up better.

it was almost a snap decision to go for a few lunch time beers for jordo’s birthday which basically turned into drinking at speak easy and roxy burger from 1:30 til 9:30. at which point we randomly ran into people at roxy burger who were going to the scott weiland concert. thus turning into a mad scramble to find cheap tickets from scalpers and cramming up to front and center to go nuts. i’d say the only downside is that the commodore people made me check my bag with my camera gear because ‘sorry, it looks too professional.’ wtf?

anyway. the almost improvised extended live versions of most of his solo songs totally blew me away. plus, a few STP tunes were thrown in for good measure. HOLY FUCK. the extended version of Atlanta was SO. GOOD. never in a million years did I ever think i’d hear that song live. and there it was. plus i was yelling a lot for them to play Barbarella. and they did. and i sang along.

i heard a few people say that Weiland was off his game but i have to disagree. just because they don’t play the songs the same as they are on the album and slow some down a bit doesn’t mean he’s off his game.

definitely one of the best concerts i have ever been to.

plus. who scored a drum stick? yeah. that’s right.

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