proclaiming somthing

look, im trying real hard to actually type properly. so that mean staking my time doing this even though i’m probably speling very poorly right now.

i’ll not lie. the last few days were total shit. i lost a hard drive full of stuff, nothing’s haeened job wise, and i’ve basically felt like life has decided to just kick me in the guts while im already down.

fuc l that noise.

you know what’ll getyou out of a bad mood every time? that procalimers osng.

cause if you sit there with your friends and you belt ou tBADADADA over and over, you feel wayyyyy better.

BADADADADADADADADADa. it doesnt even have to make sense. you dont even have to sing it when its on/ just whe there’s a similar beat going. ad you sing BADADADA! and then it acutally plays and you sing it louder and maybe not better, but louder.

and it makes you feel better.

im having bacon fro breakfast tomrrow.

also, cobb salad at Hamilton St Grill = AWESOME.

5 Thoughts.

  1. Yes that’s right, he actually types that out at 2 letters a minute just to get a point across.

    I should have went for the cobb salad, I was really debating between that and the mussels… although the seafoody goodness was good.

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