throwing a bunch of lingo down

so yeah, i woke up this morning to a hard drive that had decided that at some point in the night to committ suicide. so a new drive, a fresh install and a few headaches later im trying to remember everything i had on the old drive that needs to be on this one. lame.


so, back home now. i was supposed to meet with katia at 5 today to give her some pictures for the silent auction at the bangladesh project fundraiser that’s on monday but had to cancel that cause of the whole crapped out drive fiasco. i was supposed to be in surrey for a two night course at 7 and was on my way home to have a quick dinner and head out and then my phone rings on the skytrain and the instructor tells me i only have to go tomorrow now.

when i left everett’s we were up to about 182 disk errors through disk warrior on the old drive to see if we could pick any pieces out of it. it doesn’t look like that’ll happen.

basically i’ve lost all my writing, my music, my own song files, my pictures from january up til now, my photo edits, my job folders, my programs, my preferences, a whack of videos, etc etc etc.

im pretty calm for having lost all that. and before anyone gets all up in arms about ‘why didnt you back anything up?’ i did, just not all of it. i have all my movies and pictures since before january and all my thesis work on externals.

now i get to spend tonight and tomorow finding and reinstalling photoshop, lightroom, Office, iLife, iWork, photomatix, isquint, handbrake, and figuring out what my bookmarks were again.

all i can say is that im glad this didnt happen a month ago or i would have completely gone nuts.


right, you can add iTunes trying to auto sync with my ipod and erasing all the content on that without copying it and the home network freezing to the list.

4 Thoughts.

  1. Another reason not to buy a Mac.

    I don’t care if its hardware, I’ll take a dig at Macs any chance I get.

  2. yeah, cause the three PCs I had that either crawled to a slow death, caught fire or had the HD jam are reasons to go buy another one. real fucking intuitive there buddy.

  3. Sounds like a really shitty day for sure. In good news Dario found that CD you lost way back when you went to the cheif under his seat. Remind him to give it to you or he’ll forget.

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