why not something obvious?

alright, I’ve tried to ignore this for the last few days and not say anything but with yet another story of ‘benevolence’ i can’t take it anymore.

fuck the Pope.

yes. fuck. the. pope.

the current pontiff has done NOTHING to improve the image or reputation of the catholic church ESPECIALLY when his assfuckeryness has the gall to claim that promoting the use of condoms in Africa actually actually aggravates the spread of HIV/AIDS instead of protecting against it and NOW has basically suggested people in Angola go on a witch hunt.

what the FUCK is this man thinking? “dont worry catholics! if you dont try to stop the spread of disease and remain intolerant of people with other beliefs you will be PERFECT IN THE EYES OF GOD!”

I sincerely hope that the consequences of what this man says actually leads to a complete downfall in the reputation and numbers in the catholic church. that man is a danger to the progress of humanity and has absolutley no right nor any moral ground to stand in the way of valid attempts to promote proper health practice and tolerance among people.

you’d have NEVER heard this kind of shit from JP2. the former pope held the utmost respect from the world because of his understanding of the importance of progression. the current pope is the Bush administration of the church.

the frightening thing is that people actually defend his actions and words.

i completely agree that people are free to speak their opinion, but really, when your opininon means causing strife, death, fear, and intolerance you should be held completely accountable for what you have to say.

i’ve said it before, i spent 13 years in a catholic school system surrounded by all things church. i’ve been taught by priests, nuns, devout followers, i’ve even taken communion. yet year after year, even while still in the catholic system, I have never seen one thing the catholic church has done that improves my opinion of it. the close minded, assinine doctrines held by the Vatican and a great many of its followers dont deserve respect until they stop slinging their shit in all our faces.

i know this is really cliché and oft repeated but Lennon was right. imagine no religion.

think of how many pointless squabbles wouldn’t exist. to be fair, im sure there would still be squabbles, but if people weren’t so fucking obsessed with their death (cause face it, that’s what most religion is) can you imagine what humanity could accomplish?

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  1. I totally agree with the no religion comment
    It would be paradise because people would be seen on a humane level rather than who is better then who.
    its 2009! not the dark ages anymore grr

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