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i took these random pictures when my sister was in town and they look neat with a bit of fiddling around. i might have one blown up and hang it.

so i went to see what the life insurance people had to say today cause otherwise all i’d have done is sit here, watch top gear, eat noodles and look for more applications.

how come they all say “we don’t see ourselves as sales associates, we see ourselves as advisers. we advise our clients what that best options for them are.”

and then two seconds later they say “as you know, we’re recruiting for sales associates.”

redundant person is redundant.

i was also asked “do you have any friends or family here?”

redundant person is fucking stupid.

why would you ask this after you already asked about all the community involvement stuff i’ve done here?

“gee, you know, now that you ask, i’ve actually spent the last five years never talking to a single person or trying to make friends even WHEN i was a rep for this, or mentor for that, or leader for this here.”

give your fucking head a shake.

and then they do the whole sales pitch where they turn the screen around and say “if you work the base amount you earn this much BUT with bonuses you earn THIS much and if you work harder EVEN MORE!”

no shit?! i have never heard of a job where you get rewarded for good work ethic! OMG I AM AMAZED!

and then they drop the “and if you do well, then the Company sends you to the Convention! Last year it was in Las Vegas at the Paris!”

i had to stop myself from saying “oh, I’m going there soon, I’m not a fan of the Paris, it’s pretty fake even for Vegas.”

now the Venetian on the other hand…

it took me a good half hour to actually get a job description out of them and to tell me what they actually do. and that was the first question i asked about a minute after i was brought it.

im no expert on this, but it would seem to me that it’s more professional not to evade the question for a half hour so you can go through your scripted info slash sales pitch slash look at the resume and not have a clue what any of it was and not really bother to ask about any of it.

and then of course there’s always the Core Values. and they’re always something like TRUTH and LOVE AND COMPASSION and CLICHED THIRD CORE VALUE. no really, the first two were exactly that. she showed me on the screen.

and then they go through the “so many people are new clients, so many people are are old clients, and 40% of your business comes from family and friends.”

wait, what?

and then two seconds later “i had other companies offer me positions, but I came here because i didn’t feel I had to push myself on my family or friends.”

redundant person is lacking further description for being even more redundant.

i dont really understand how people can legitimize getting a job like that and then going up to their friends and being like “hey, let’s go for a beer and sign up for some life insurance from me!”

seriously i hope those people hate themselves. i would.

i think that life insurance ‘sales associates’ or ‘advisers’ or whatever the fuck they want to call themselves are basically the greasy used car salesmen of, well, the insurance industry. and before anyone goes off on ‘how do you know used car salesmen are greasy’, trust me, we’ve had several family connections with  dealerships and yes, that is a stereotpe you can feel safe continuing.

i hope to hell i get my revisions back by monday cause then i can actually do something fucking productive.

i got a saw in the mail today.

yes, you read that right.

a collapsible camping saw. it’s pretty awesome.

i also decided that im going to try to find a place in Vegas where my dad and i can go shoot a Barrett. cause why not? the downside to that is, i know if we find one, as soon as we shoot it we’re going to want one. really really bad. hell, i’ve never seen one in real life and i want one really really bad. who needs a car or a downpayment on a house when you could spend that money on .50BMG of AWESOME?

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  1. If I ever go to Vegas… which will eventually be one day… that gun range will most likely be the first place I go. I will also probably go there every day of the trip. I think one day when we’re all less poor we should take a trip to Vegas

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