ideas like foggy streets

ghosts .stride

i haven’t gotten as much work done today as i’d have liked, but neither am i frustrated about that. it’s more like i can’t quite catch any ideas floating around because they’ve yet to fully coalesce. like trying to catch a cloud with a net. you can’t do it.

if you’ve come in search of a birthday recap then you’ll have to wait. im not feelin’ it. today i am fully content to take a step back from the foreground and just let things drift by. if i dont get a huge amount of work done, so be it, at least i’ve gotten some done. and that’s some less that i’ll have to do later.

im also quite happy that for once in two years the financial aid office has decided im not actually made of money and has deposited a not insignificant sum into my student account. honestly, i was expecting a repeat of the last two semesters where i would get a “sorry, we don’t think you’re actually that poor so we’re not giving you any money even though for a bit there it looked like you’d have trouble paying for your second year.”

im going to play photographer tonight for a band.

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