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Grooveshark Fail

alright, i’ll admit i’m only now checking out Grooveshark cause mostly i listen to my iTunes when i work. but seeing as how i don’t have some blues stuff i probably should i went ahead and wandered on over to GS to look for some.

at first it was fine. i did an artist search and it gave some good hits. then i figured i’d do a genre search. here’s an immediate beef i have with that site. the front page doesn’t have a genre selection, which it really should. i don’t want to have to sift through other people’s shit in the popular stuff to see what i can find.

m second beef. obviously it’s apparent in the above screenshot. i don’t understand how sites like this continually provide crap artist links to genres they obviously have no business being in. at least Pandora let you manage things like that before it was rudely interrupted in Canada.

seriously, even just searching ‘blues’ and checking the generic 1st rank result under the artists in the genre gives you Elton John, Filter, Moby, Gwen Stefani, and fucking Meat Loaf! WTF. the general blues artists include 2Pac, Andrea Bocelli, Brittany Spears and Coldplay. WTFer!? FAIL.

i know that blues music might not be the first thing in most people’s playlists, but fuck me, is it really THAT HARD to actually sort the crap out of search results like that?

i want Pandora to come back to Canada. i know you can use it if you use IP shields but that’s kind of stupid.

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